no fun city [trailer]                       


Produced by Make Believe Media 

Producers: Kate Kroll, Melissa Jams 

Directors: Kate Kroll, Melissa James   



Under Construction!

Music Video 


 Retribution - Tanya Tagaq               

 Happily ever evil                   

Between you & Me - Jody Glenham 

Produced by Jody Glanham and Black Moon Media

Directer: Kate Kroll

Produced by Six Shooter Records, Screen Siren Pictures

Producer: Kate Kroll 

Directer: Brian Johnson 

Produced by Black Moon Media 

Directer: Kate Kroll  

Pirate Jenny & The storm - christa couture                                         


Produced by One Foot Stomping Records and

Black Moon Media 

Directer: Kate Kroll  

Shi-shi-etko [trailer]                       


Produced by Monkey Ink Media

Producer/Writer: Marylin Thomas, Kate Kroll

Directer: Kate Kroll