In Development 


Director:  Kate Kroll

Producer:  Kate Kroll, Kate Kroll, Michael Paszt, Frederic Bohbot

Genre:  Documentary, Feature Length 

Distributor: Raven Banner Entertainment


What kind of woman do you become when your dad’s “The Bucher”, your uncle is a “Mad Dog” and your godfather is Andre “The Giant”? ...A LUNATIC!


Lunatic: The Luna Vachon Story is the story of Canadian women’s wrestler turned WWF villain, Gertrude ‘Trudy’ Vachon, known by her black studded, growly voice, mohawk wearing in-ring persona as Luna Vachon.

Luna poster_v2.jpg

Director:  Kate Kroll

Producer:  Kate Kroll, Rhiannon Aarons

Genre:  Horror, Comedy, Feature Length


Red Wings is the story of Audrina who gets bitten by a bat and gains an unnatural gift:  red bats that fly out of her vagina. As she learns to accept her terrifying superpower, she gains control of her life and fights evil in the process. It’s an original horror-comedy, with a surrealistic edge.

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Directors:  Kate Kroll

Writer:  Kate Kroll 

Genre:  Documentary, Feature length


Entertainment wrestling is often seen as muscle men in tight spandex but in Bolivia, it’s the catalyst for a gender revolution. How can a sport best associated with machismo and testosterone be used as a tool for feminism? Meet Bolivia’s Fighting Cholitas.

Calamity Kate and the Fighting Cholitas is a POV documentary that follows Vancouver filmmaker and entertainment wrestler, “Calamity Kate” Kate Kroll, on a journey to El Alto, Bolivia to train with the Titans of the Ring wrestling team - the home of the Fighting Cholitas. While she gets her ass kicked in the ring, learning real Lucha Libre wrestling, she also immerses herself in the lives of the Cholita luchadoras and understands how much more is at stake than simply executing a bodyslam correctly.

Director:  Kate Kroll

Writer:  Victoria Angell 

Producers:  Kate Kroll, Victoria Angell 

Genre:  Comedy , feature length 

Darla and Marnie grew up in the 80s as hard-partying, rock-loving club girls with no plans for tomorrow. After 30 years on hold, these aging rockers are hitting a mid-life crisis at top speed. When Marnie's mom passes away after a long illness, the pair finally find the momentum they need to snap out of their stalled lives and hit the road on a pilgrimage to one last rock show that they'll never forget.